Teacher Assistant Program (TA)

Teacher Assistant Program (TA)
Teacher Assistants 2016-2017

Windom’s Teaching Assistant Program

Windom hosts 6-8 teaching assistants (called TAs) for the school year.  Our TAs are native Spanish-speakers who have studied Education.  They typically have completed a teaching degree in their home country, and come to Windom to gain classroom experience and learn more about the American school system.  Recent TAs have been from Colombia, Mexico, Spain, and Uruguay.

The TAs add tremendous value to our school community!


·       Support classroom instruction and activities

·       Offer one on one support with students

·       Provide native Spanish exposure for students from various Spanish-speaking areas of the world.


·       Support schoolwide events like Taste of Windom, Multicultural Day, and the Windom Carnival

·       Help to run afterschool programs like BLC and Robotics

·       Offer cultural exchange experiences for Windom families through hosting & sharing traditions

·       Bring their ideas, energy, and enthusiasm for children and teaching to benefit the entire Windom community               


Windom’s Commitment to the TA Program:

The teaching assistant program is funded with contributions from the Windom PTO and the Windom Administrative budget. Since 2004, Windom has partnered with the Cultural Vistas Program to bring TAs to our school.  We also partner with the Spanish Consulate, which helps to support one TA per year.

Meet our 2018-19 Teaching Assistants (more info about them below)

Ana María



Constanza "Coni"



David Steven

Toro Restrepo









Duarte Quiros



Mina Andrés





Virginia "Vicky"




Introducing “TA Time!” - Cultural Exchange with our Windom TAs


Has your family ever wished you could host a Windom TA, but don’t have the space or ability right now? Good news! Now you can sign up for some “TA Time!”


GOAL: for our Windom TAs get to know at least one family besides their host family outside of school each month. 


Starting in November, families can sign up for “TA Time”, to have a TA over for dinner or an outing. Invite a TA over to your house for a game night or to cook a special dish with you, or invite them on a hike or to a sporting event or festival. You choose the timing, depending on what works best for both of your schedules, within or near the first week of the month. Our TAs are excited to get to know more families in our Windom community, and want the chance to spend time with you and learn about life in Minnesota. They are all native Spanish speakers, and also want to practice and improve their English.


To sign up: 

  1. Check the TA availability on the online calendar and then email TA Coordinator Ellen Enebo to sign up for an open slot. eschmieg@hotmail.com 
  2. Ellen will add you to the calendar, and will connect the TA and TA Time family via email.
  3. The family and TA communicate directly to arrange details, including the date that works the best for both (during or near the first week of the month), the activity planned and transportation logistics.

To learn more about our Windom TAs, see their "About Me" pages[LINK TO WINDOM WEBSITE], and on the bulletin board outside of Principal Clark's office. 


Want to know which TA(s) are in your child's classroom? Check the Classroom Schedule on the second tab.  (Note: Some classrooms have support from staff AEs, or Educational Assistants, and don't have a regularly scheduled TA. However, students will still know TAs from interactions in the lunchroom and recess.) 


TA Time is in addition to those organic invitations that families initiate with our TAs, and is not meant to replace that. If you have plans for a specific activity and an extra ticket to share with a TA, you can also email all of the TAs directly to see who might be interested in joining you. TA emails are on the Windom website in the staff directory


For questions or to sign up, please contact Ellen at eschmieg@hotmail.com or 612 720 9178.



Host families are critical to the success of the Windom TA program. TAs live with two host families during the school year, which are families with children at Windom (one for fall semester and one for spring semester).   To learn more about hosting a TA, contact our Teaching Assistant program coordinators:

                  Anne DiFiore (anne@terramaringredients.com /612-578-3479

                  Ellen Enebo eschmieg@hotmail.com  



TAs commit to being a part of the Windom community for one school year (September-June). They are provided housing and food, and paid a monthly stipend.  They also receive a winter clothing allowance and a pass for public transportation.  TAs provide their own flights to and from Minneapolis, Minnesota USA. 

The population of Windom school is 600 students ages 4-11, about half of which are native Spanish speakers. The other half began speaking Spanish when they started at the school. In the youngest grades instruction is 100% in Spanish, in upper grades its shifts to about half English and half Spanish.  

Minneapolis, Minnesota is the largest city in Minnesota in the northern United States.  You will experience all four seasons, with average temperatures at 80°F/ 25°C in summer, 60°F/ 15°C in spring/ fall, and 25°F/ -3°C in winter.  Minneapolis is the city of lakes and parks, with many miles of walking and biking trails and a vibrant arts community. View Fodor’s top ten reasons to visit Minneapolis here: http://www.fodors.com/news/top-10-reasons-1-4095

For more information on Windom’s International Teaching Assistant program and to start the application process, contact the school principal, Jim Clark at james.clark@mpls.k12.mn.us