Printing, PaperCut, etc.

Printing, PaperCut, etc.
PaperCut Client Screen Shot


This year, we're making some changes to the way we do copying and printing here at Windom.  These changes will allow us to get a better handle on how much paper and toner we use, as well as improving data security and reducing the need for standalone printers all over the building.  Our new print/copy control system is called PaperCut MF.

PaperCut controls printing and copying by budgeting- your account will have a notional amount of "money", and copies/prints will have a "cost".  Please don't worry about this- this isn't real money, just a way for the system to keep track of copies and prints, and their relative values.  At the present time, B/W prints/copies are set to $0.01, and color prints/copies (where available- set by user group) are set to $0.10 .  Staff balances are set at a monthly level of $30.00, which refreshes every month, and does not carry over from month to month.  These figures may change as time goes along- we will notify staff of any changes.

Mac users (I can install for PC users as well, if they would like) will see an application open when they login that gives them their account balance- it will look like the screenshot above- a green window with the user's account balance listed and updated in realtime.
Clicking the "Details..." link will take a user to the reports section, to view their usage, etc.  

All staff users are able to print in black and white to standalone printers throughout the building and to MFDs (copiers) in the media center, main office, and workroom.  In particular, the MP7001 MFD in the copy room is designed for large print/copy runs, and is the most efficient printer to use for high volume copying and printing.  Color printing is restricted by group- currently, this includes only office staff, but may be adjusted in future.

How to make copies- swipe your card, then push the "Copy" button on the left side of the MFD's control panel.  When you are done, push the "Other Functions" button, and select "logout" on the screen.
*UPDATED- 10/5/12, 4:45 PM*

As the final (at least for now) phase of printing modernization here at Windom, I just finished swapping a bunch of printers out and fixing misdirected and redundant printing queues.  Here's what this means to you:

• Classroom printers on 2nd floor have been standardized on one model, allowing us to only buy 1 type of toner and supplies, which is more efficient- the replacements are also newer than the previous generation of printers;

• Old printers no longer needed were removed and will be repurposed and/or recycled by the district;

• Print queue names were changed to reflect actual printer locations, as well as conform with current District naming standards.  The new print queues are all in capital letters, and begin with WINDOM, in the format WINDOM-ROOM-XXXXX, where the Xs represent a room number or unit type.    I deployed a script to wipe old print queues from most computers- if it somehow missed yours, please do not use print queues with names not in the WINDOM-ROOM-XXXXX format- they will not work.

• Please don't hesitate to let me know if there are printing glitches as we move forward- I believe any we see will be minor, but please let me know so that I can resolve them quickly for you.