Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


How can I get in touch with tech support?

For work requests (software/hardware problems, etc.), the best way is to enter a tech request at; this gets sent directly to the person responsible for the problem in question.  Most building questions go to your building tech, but some special categories get directed to the district's tech in charge of that area.

For general questions, concerns, etc., email me at; I check email frequently, and can often give answers to questions within a short amount of time.


What web browsers are currently supported for [application]?

(Please note: this information is somewhat old- Windows 7 has the same recommendations as Vista.)

(Reprinted from IT Services)


Recommended Web Browsers

Use the table below to determine recommended web browsers as related to commonly used district web applications. There may be other browsers, or variations of browsers that will work with certain of the applications below.


Macintosh OS X Windows XP Windows Vista
Aesop Safari /Firefox Internet Explorer Internet Explorer
Classroom Plus Discovery Safari Internet Explorer Internet Explorer
CozMos Admin Firefox Internet Explorer /Firefox Firefox
Easy IEP Firefox Internet Explorer Internet Explorer
eCompass Safari /Firefox Internet Explorer Internet Explorer
ESS Firefox Internet Explorer Internet Explorer
Internal Job Postings Firefox Internet Explorer Internet Explorer
K-5 Report Card Safari Internet Explorer Internet Explorer
Moodle Firefox /Camino Firefox Firefox
Webmail Safari /Firefox Internet Explorer Internet Explorer


Can you help me change my password?

Yes- but do see the primer at for information first.


What's with the email retention policy, anyway?

Beginning December 1, 2012, any email older than 90 days will be automatically deleted from your district email account. This will affect email in all folders of your mailbox, including your Inbox, Sent Items, Drafts and any other folders you have created.

Staff will have the option to save emails that have lasting value into an online archive where emails can be saved for up to two years. Windows Outlook users can use Outlook 2010 to move messages to their online archive. All other staff including Mac users will use Webmail to move messages to their online archive.

If you have email communications that need to be saved for more than two years as dictated by the district Records Retention Schedule, it is recommended that you save them in an electronic format, such as PDF files, and store them for the required retention period. 

A video tutorial and written directions are available by clicking email help on the MPS Staff Website. For more information, view the Email Retention Rule FAQs on the IT Services intranet site. If you have technical issues after viewing the tutorial fill out an ehelpdeskticket.


I'm having problems using accent marks in MS Word on my Mac.  What can I do?

This appears to be an issue with Word not responding properly to the accent marks as used by MacOS.  There are a couple of workarounds suggested by my fellow techs:

• The only way to make sure they work is to hit the key combinations super fast.

• The other option is to have them type it all into TextEdit, then copy/paste it into Word for spellcheck.

Mariana Soldini, a teacher at Windom, also gave me the following- which is an excellent method, I think:

"Another way to write accents in Spanish is to set the language as Spanish (under Tools/Language). Word will automatically correct the words or underline them in red as wrong. Then you left click (or control click in MAC) to display the list of right words (with accents) to choose from. If you have a word that it may be correct with or without written accents, you may write it with a double letter somewhere so it's marked wrong and then you can pick the right word. It sounds more complicated than what it is! I found this way to write accents to be the most efficient."


What is the answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything?

42, of course. :-)

(see Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.)