My name is Michael Robinson and I have been teaching band (and orchestra) for 24 years in Minneapolis public schools.  Currently I teach at Seward, Barton and Windom.

I am the principal bassist for the Dakota Valley Symphony, a community orchestra in Burnsville.  I also play in a couple of jazz groups.


There are currently about 100 students enrolled in band at Windom this year.  This year I will purchase 15 "like new" (slightly used) instruments from Groth music with money saved from band donations these past 2 years. 


If families want to donate their band instruments to Windom we'd be glad to take them.  Even if they need a little repair.

We have a district repair shop that can take a look at them to see if they're worth fixing up or not. 


We will have a concert in the Spring; Check the school calendar for dates.  


Thank you!


Michael Robinson
Instrumental Music Teacher


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