Archiving Old Emails- A Primer

Archiving Old Emails- A Primer

[reprinted from the MPS web site]

How to use the email Personal Archive

Beginning December 1, 2012, any email 90-days or older will be automatically deleted unless it is moved to the Personal Archive. This will affect email in all folders, including your inbox, sent, drafts, and any other folders you have created.

The Personal Archive will be available September 3, 2012 and will be located in the left panel and is similar to your primary mailbox. It is accessible from anywhere and users can create folders and store email in their Personal Archive for two years.

To move an email to your Personal Archive click and drag an email to your Personal Archive. Users can move multiple emails by holding the shift key and clicking on the first and the last in a sequence of emails. Users can remove items from the Personal Archive by clicking and dragging them to other locations.

Webmail users cannot move a folder to the Personal Archive. Webmail users will have to first create a folder in the Personal Archive and then move email into that folder. Hold down the control key and click Personal Archive to create a new folder. Windows Outlook 2010 users can move entire folders to their Personal Archive.

Contacts, Calendars, Notes, and Tasks are not subject to the Retention Schedule and will not be automatically deleted.


Email Communications Covered by the District Document Retention Schedule

How to Save an email as a PDF on a Macintosh

Open an email
Choose Print
Click the PDF button and choose Save as PDF
Navigate to where you wish to save it
Click Save

How to Save an email on a Windows workstation
Open an email in Outlook 2010
Choose Save As... from the File menu
Select Outlook Message Format with .msg (both Unicode and non-Unicode will work)

Navigate to where you wish to save it

Click Save
Note: To open this .msg file you will need to use Windows Outlook.