Who was William Windom? ¿Quién era William Windom?

Who was William Windom? ¿Quién era William Windom?

William Windom (May 10, 1827 – January 29, 1891) was an American politician. He served in the United States House of Representatives and United States Senate as a Republican from Minnesota. He was born in Belmont County, Ohio. He moved to Minnesota Territory in 1855. He served in the House from March 4, 1859 to March 3, 1869.

Windom was appointed to the Senate to fill the vacancy in the term ending March 3, 1871, caused by the death of Daniel S. Norton, and served from July 15, 1870, to January 22, 1871, when a successor (Ozora P. Stearns) was elected to fill the term.

Windom was however elected to the regular full term that started March 4, 1871. He served until March 7, 1881 when he was appointed as United States Secretary of the Treasury by President James Garfield and served until he resigned from the Cabinet effective November, after having again been elected Senator to fill the vacancy caused by his own resignation, and served to March 3, 1883.

He was appointed Secretary of Treasury again in the Cabinet of President Benjamin Harrison and served from March 1889 until his death in New York.

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