Windom Site Council

Windom Site Council

The Site Council is essentially a group of parents and staff working together to help ensure the continued success of Windom Dual Immersion School. Members are elected to serve two-year terms and we work on a variety of tasks.

Each school in the district has a Site Council (comprised of both parents and school staff) which meets monthly to make recommendations and discuss long-range program goals for the school. These councils are also charged with examining everything that might be standing in the way of student achievement.

Windom’s Site Council is a group of staff members, parents, and community members who work on the long-range vision and planning for the school. Everyone is welcome to attend the council’s meetings.  The mission of the Windom’s Site Council is to provide an opportunity for representative school staff and community to work collaboratively providing advice to enhance student achievement and on-going growth.

Site Council meetings will take place every second Tuesday from 4:30-5:30  (Please look at PTO meeting dates since, the PTO and Site Council meetings are held the same day).

Our Site Council consists of the following members:

  • Principal 
  • 5-6 Parents
  • 5 Other Staff Members (teachers, specialists, union representative, special education, etc.)


  1. Windom Community Member

For those interested in being on the Windom site council in the future, the requirements for serving are as follows:

  1. Must be available to meet from 4:15 to 5:15 on the first Tuesday of every month (from September to May)
  2. Ideally be willing to serve for a period of (2) years. There is a learning curve and generally, it does take a year or so to get up to speed on all the "school jargon"
  3. Have a specific interest in budget/finance, marketing, retention and recruitment of families, and a general interest in how the school and district work
  4. Have good listening skills but also be willing to speak up, ask questions, offer opinions and learn
  5. Have an ability to look at the bigger picture, a willingness to see the other side of things and a desire to do what is best for ALL of the children in our school

For more information on Site Council or if you are interested in serving, feel free to contact any of the current members or Principal James Clark at