Benefits of Dual Immersion

Benefits of Dual Immersion

Dual Immersion (DI) programs have proven effective for a wide variety of students. Research studies indicate that the achievement of high levels of functional proficiency in a second language associated with DI instruction yields the following benefits for all students:

  • Enhanced levels of meta-linguistic awareness (i.e., knowledge of how language works) which has proven to be important to reading acquisition.
  • Improved performance versus monolingual students on tasks that call for divergent thinking, pattern recognition and problem solving.
  • Additional knowledge and understanding of one’s native language.
  • Greater understanding, tolerance, appreciation and respect for other languages and cultures.
  • Ability to communicate with other ethnic and cultural groups.
  • Ability to take advantage of opportunities that are available only in other languages.
  • Enhanced employment opportunities once school is completed.

There are also specific benefits to students related to their native language as detailed in the following chart:

Native Spanish Speakers

Native English Speakers

Acquire strong literacy skills in Spanish which can then be applied to the acquisition of English literacy.

Outperform control students in all-English schools on a variety of English language tests including reading, writing and listening.

Make better progress in acquiring full proficiency in English versus standard English Language Literacy (ELL) and Native Language Literacy (NLL) programs.

Achieve the same levels of competence in academic subjects (math, science and social studies) as English-speaking students in all-English programs.

Achieve at grade-appropriate levels in all domains of academic study in both Spanish and English.


Fully develop proficiency in native language which allows maintenance of communication ties with extended family and other social support networks.


Top 10 Reasons for Being in an Immersion Program
  • To acquire a second language
  • To have a greater capacity for listening
  • To think more creatively and analytically
  • To develop better communication skills
  • To express enthusiasm and have an aptitude for problem solving
  • To have a greater awareness of self and others
  • To gain insights into other cultures
  • To unify staff and students in creating a shared linguistic community
  • To provide access to a greater part of the world
  • To take advantage of the optimal time to learn a language and develop an appreciation and understanding of diverse cultures, peoples, and perspectives in the world

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