About Us

About Us

Windom Mission
Our mission is to prepare children from linguistically and ethnically diverse backgrounds for success in school and lifelong learning in a global society.

Windom Vision
Windom Dual Immersion School educates students in an environment that is empowering and welcoming to all families. Diversity is celebrated and valued as essential in preparing all students for lives of social responsibility, active citizenship and academic achievement through a dual immersion experience.

“Through learning language we learn about culture. Through learning about culture we learn appreciation for others. Through learning appreciation for others we can hope for peace.” - Author Unknown

Our school is located in the quiet, leafy Windom neighborhood in South Minneapolis.  Windom is a K-5 Spanish Dual Immersion school existing as part of a Dual Immersion Program in the Minneapolis Public School district that includes the Bryn Mawr/Anwatin campus.

The Spanish Dual Immersion Program - Students in this program experience an academically challenging learning environment which brings children from two language groups together to learn from each other.  Ideally, fifty percent of the students in the classroom are English speakers and fifty percent are Spanish speakers. The goal of the program is for both groups to become bilingual and biliterate, to gain cross-cultural competency and to become prepared for a globally interdependent world.  The dual immersion approach has also proved beneficial to the handful of students at Windom who speak a third language.

Dual immersion students learn a second language primarily through their study of the Minneapolis Public Schools curriculum and by interacting with their classmates rather than by formal teaching of the language.  While Windom students learn the same Math, Science, Social Science and Reading curriculum as all other students in the district, there are two stark differences in Windom's educational model:

First, Windom students are taught in Spanish for part of their day.  Windom uses the 90/10 model.  This means that kindergartners and first graders have 90% of their academic day in Spanish and 10% in English.  As students move up in grade, the ratio of instruction in English increases.  By fifth grade, 50% of the students' academic day is in English.

Second, literacy is taught in Spanish first.  Beginning in kindergarten, students are taught to read in Spanish rather than English in their reading groups.  Reading instruction continues in Spanish until third grade.  In third grade, teachers begin to teach English literacy.  To the surprise of many parents, by this time many English-speaking children are already reading well in English.

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