Windom School Volunteer Opportunities – 2015-2016
There are always many opportunities to get involved with the Windom PTO and Windom School.  Please reach out to one of the co-chair's to find out how you can help!
Coordinator Positions:                
School Tours - Sarah Doebler and Leah Kelly
School Directory - Liz Johnston/Barry Crone
PTO Bi-weekly Newsletter - Ellen Enebo / Val Johnson
Facebook Admin - Allison Valencia/Keidy Lora-Palusky
PTO Website Admin - Keidy Lora-Palusky
Classroom Liaisons - Keidy Lora-Palusky
TA's Coordinator - Jenn Nelson/Anne Difiore
Families All Matters - Joshua Lang
PTO Programs/Events:                            
Taste of Windom – September 30 - Katie Anthony
Uniform Swap – Fall / Spring -  Annalisa Hultberg
Bravo (Music Appreciation – Nov. – April) - Allison Valencia
Give to the Max Day - November - Stacy McGrath
Coffee/Candy/Tea Sale (October) - Kerry Young
Scholastic Book Fairs (at school)  - Sarah Sillers 
Noche de Fiesta - October 15- Stacy McGrath/Allison Valencia
Read-A-Thon (February) - Nicole Falk 
Plant Sale (May) - Cassidy Titcomb 
Carnival (May) - Jane Tierney/Keidy Lora-Palusky
Box Tops / Collection Programs - Emily O. and Emily V.                                                
Programs/events at school:
School Store (1-2 mornings/week)
Media Center Assistance
School Picture Day
School Recruiting
Multi-Cultural Festival 
For more information on how to help, please contact the PTO Co-Chairs:
Morgan Jensen, morgan.a.jensen@gmail.com
Jen Holmstadt -  jenholmstadt@gmail.com