Reading and Writing/Lectura y Escritura

Language Arts-The district reading curriculum is Pearson’s Good Habits, Great Readers. Here at Windom we use the Spanish version.  We have integrated it into a Readers/Writers Workshop. We have small groups and meet the readers at their level. We have already begun independent reading using students’ levels from Kindergarten.  We will be retesting each student using our  EDL2 assessments beginning week 3.   Our goal is that each student is near a level 20 by the end of the year.  Our reader’s/writer’s workshop is designed to help students reach this goal. If students are beyond this level we will challenge them to work harder and push their levels of understanding.  All objectives and goals are teacher prepared and aligned with MN State Standards. We are fortunate to have 6 native Spanish speaking Assistant Educators and Amities assisting us during our reading block this year.

Writing-We will use a writer's workshop format. This is based on Lucy Calkins writing practices. The writing objectives and activities will be skills focused using monthly journals, poems and mini-stories related to topics across the curriculum. 

Handwriting-This is also integrated across the curriculum. We model and demonstrate best practice and enforce proper writing techniques throughout the day.