Música, Lengua y Cultura

Music, Language and Culture

 Kathy Lara


Música, Lengua y Cultura (Music, Language and Culture) at Windom Spanish Dual Immersion School in Minneapolis is a culturally based arts and language program which is interactive and inter-disciplinary in nature.  The program incorporates traditional music, games, dances, arts and cultural activities:

  • To enrich and strengthen the language program and academic mission of Windom
  • To facilitate second language acquisition through cultural immersion
  • To allow for the fusion of core subject concepts (social studies, language arts, science, math, etc.) with culture and arts
  • To reinforce the Spanish language of  Latino students,  promote the maintenance of traditions, and encourage preservation of  a culture in a multi-cultural society
  • To inspire respect, appreciation and recognition of cultural similarities and differences amongst all our students
  • To increase each student’s own self-awareness through exposure to Latin American traditions and life ways
  • To foster self-esteem, promote group identity, reduce stereotypes, and eliminate biases and prejudices
  • To introduce Latin American music and arts to the students in an energetic and culturally authentic way
  • To actively involve students through sensory participation, fostering learning, cultural understanding, creativity and self-expression
  • To accommodate and engage each child’s diverse learning style and special needs