Hosting Teaching Assistants
Hosting: We are always looking for new host families for our International Teaching Assistants. Hosting can be a very fun, rewarding and learning experience for your family. You can host for as little as one semester or for the entire school year. Typically, we ask for English-speaking host families since most of the Teaching Assistants come to the United States with the goal of improving their English proficiency. Beyond that, the only requirements for hosting are:
  1. A separate room in your home with a door that closes for privacy. If you are interested in hosting but do not currently have an “extra room”, consider thinking creatively about your space. For example, several former host families have had siblings share a room for a couple of months in order to create space.
  2. Meals (except for lunch on school days).
  3. Some help with transportation.
  4. Friendliness, warmth and flexibility!

Please note that host families are NOT required to have children enrolled at Windom. If you have extended family, neighbors or friends that might be interested in hosting, please inform the TA Program Coordinator.
  1. Tio/Tia ProgramGet to know the Teaching Assistants and help to make their overall experience richer by inviting them to join your family outside of school. Our interns love having an opportunity to get to know you better, to learn more about families in the United States and to have some fun too! If you are going on a family outing, doing something fun in the Twin Cities or have a special holiday tradition you would like to share, please consider contacting our Teaching Assistants to join you. Some ideas of fun things to do might be: sporting events, plays, concerts, museums, skating, sledding or even a meal at a restaurant or your house. Remember, anything you do helps our Teaching Assistants to learn a bit more about Minnesota, American family life, history, culture, etc. And of course these outings are a great way for you and your children to get to know someone from another country! Please see the staff directory for contact information for this year’s Teaching Assistants.  
For more information about the TA program or if you are interested in hosting a Teaching Assistant, please contact: 612-508-4758 or Anne DiFiore at 612-578-3479