Welcome to Sra. Kassie Madden's High Five Page

Hello and welcome to the Windom High-Five classroom webpage!  I am Kassie Madden the HIgh-Five teacher.  I am from Minneapolis  and began learning Spanish while working in the Dominican Repbulic as a Peace Corps volunteer.  I received my teaching license in 2000, and then completed my Master in Education in 2004 at the University of St. Thomas.  I have been teaching in the Minneapolis public school since 2008 and have been working at WIndom as

Sra. Madden
High-Five Teacher
the High-Five teacher since 2012.  I enjoy teaching in the High-Five classroom, preparing our students for a successful transition into there elementary  school years.

Contact me:
My email address: kathleen.madden@mpls.k12.mn.us

High Five Room 117.

AM Session is from 7:30- 10:30 
PM Session is from 11:00- 1:50 

Here are the staff in the High-Five classroom