Language Art


Language Arts-The district reading curriculum is Pearson’s Good Habits, Great Readers. Here at Windom we use the Spanish version.  We have integrated it into a Readers/Writers Workshop. We have small groups and meet the readers at their level. We have already begun independent reading using students’ levels from Kindergarten.  We will be retesting each student using our  EDL2 assessments beginning week 3.   Our goal is that each student is near a level 20 by the end of the year.  Our reader’s/writer’s workshop is designed to help students reach this goal. If students are beyond this level we will challenge them to work harder and push their levels of understanding.  All objectives and goals are teacher prepared and aligned with MN State Standards. We are fortunate to have 6 native Spanish speaking Assistant Educators and Amities assisting us during our reading block this year.

Writing-We will use a writer's workshop format. This is based on Lucy Calkins writing practices. The writing objectives and activities will be skills focused using monthly journals, poems and mini-stories related to topics across the curriculum. 

Handwriting-This is also integrated across the curriculum. We model and demonstrate best practice and enforce proper writing techniques throughout the day.


The Daily 5 is a series of literacy tasks which students complete daily while the teacher meets with small groups or confers with individuals.

Read with someone, Read alone, Write, Work with words, Fluency



Focused Instruction, which is sometimes called aligned or managed instruction, is an instructional process that reflects what we know to be good teaching and learning. It aligns what we teach with how we teach and what we assess in a continuous cycle.


How will the curriculum guides support me in planning my units and lessons?
The curriculum guides are meant to serve as a foundation for great planning.  So while we expect that teachers will find these documents to be very useful, we also know and expect that teachers will bring their own experience and expertise to bear on the planning process as well.
The guides will support teachers in planning first and foremost by making the learning targets explicit and clear.  Where state standards and benchmarks can be dense and difficult to unpack, the learning targets are crisp and specific.
Benchmark assessments, which are visible to the teacher throughout the unit, can assist with backwards planning and provide a window into what mastery looks like for each learning target.
Instructional considerations, such as student background knowledge, academic language to be developed, and common misconceptions will serve as helpful tools and thought starters for teachers as they plan both units and individual lessons.
Language Art
Social Emotional

We will use Windom CARES acronym to teach positive social behaviors for kids here at Windom. 


Saludos a la comunidad de Windom.  Este año dentro del Plan de la Escuela de Participación Positiva, hemos desarrollado WINDOM CARES. 

Estos se utilizarán como siglas para representar los comportamientos sociales positivos que se enseñan aquí en Windom.” 






Ser Asertivo/Self-Control



*Trabajar juntos

*Working together



*Saber lo que tu cuerpo y boca están haciendo

*Know what your body and mouth are doing



*Cumplir obligaciones/hacer tu trabajo

*Completing obligations/doing your job



*Pensar en las emociones de otras personas

*Think about how others are feeling (put yourself in their shoes)


Ser asertivo 

*Defender  lo correcto para ti y para otras personas

*Standing up for what is right for yourself and others