Amanda Sullivan


            Greetings! My name is Amanda Sullivan and I am one of the Math Specialists here at Windom.  I am a native of central Minnesota but I left the state in 2000 following my graduation from the University of St. Thomas, where I earned a degree in Business Communications.  I left to explore an opportunity in Chicago as a teacher in a poverty-affected neighborhood through a volunteering program called Amate House.  I spent two years as a full-time volunteer teacher in some of Chicago’s most culturally diverse, economically challenged neighborhoods.  I worked with many Spanish speakers and spent time studying Spanish in Mexico and Guatemala.  This experience taught me many things; most importantly, it solidified my desire to pursue education as a long-term career.


        After completing two years as a volunteer teacher, I simultaneously enrolled in a Master’s in Education program at DePaul University in Chicago and took a full-time position as a second-grade teacher.  I completed my Masters degree in 2006.  I continue to enjoy bringing compassion, enthusiasm, and intelligence into the classroom.  I take great pride in our students at Windom and in the educational community that has been created here. I look forward to working with many students and families this school year!

My husband, Tim, and I have three children, Alayna (8), Quinn (5) and Colin (3).   As a family we love being part of the Windom community. We also spend a lot of time exploring our wonderful city, camping, biking, reading and playing games!