Windom School Uniform Guidelines


Welcome Kindergarten Families! 

As you are likely already aware, Windom Spanish Dual Immersion School went through a multi-year process to institute a Windom School uniform policy.  The culmination of this process was a school-wide vote in early 2010 on the uniform policy which resulted in nearly 80% of ballots in favor.  Since the 2010-2011 school year, Windom School uniforms has been mandatory for all students. 

Why Uniforms?  There are many reasons behind our uniform policy:

·         Putting the focus on academics rather than fashion.

·         Lowering the cost of school clothes.

·         Helping students differentiate between learning and play environments.

·         Instilling a sense of school pride and discipline.

·         Promoting equity amongst the student body.


The Windom School Uniform

  • Tops:  Plain Red, White or Navy Blue.
  • Shirts, sweaters, sweatshirts, etc., with short or long sleeves.
  • Tops should be solid color with no visible brands or insignias.
  • Windom School T-shirts, sold through the PTO, are included in dress code.

Bottoms:  Navy Blue or Khaki (no denim/jeans).

  • Pants, shorts, skorts, skirts, and capris.

Jumpers/Skirts for Girls: “Red/Blue” plaid is ok.

  • Please see Windom web-site, or visit the uniform table for a visual example of plaid.

Other items: 

  • Socks, Tights, Leggings:  white, navy blue, red or tan color only.
  • Jackets/Backpacks:  there is no specific uniform code for these items.
  • Shoes:  No flip flops are allowed, primarily for safety reasons.

 Accountability and Consequences

  • Parents/guardians and students will sign an agreement of participation for the Windom school uniform dress code.
  • 1st Offense:  Student will receive a verbal reminder, additional written notification of school uniform policy will be sent home.  Student to be given a clean uniform from the reserve closet at school, unless parent/guardian brings uniform from home.  Student will return uniform at the end of the day.
  • 2nd Offense:  Principal will call parent/guardian to discuss the uniform dress code, and be asked to bring uniform to school for child.  If they are unable, student to be given a clean uniform from the reserve closet at school, unless Student will return uniform at the end of the day.  Student to meet with principal/school social worker to discuss strategies on how to comply with policy.
  • 3rd Offense:  At discretion of principal, appropriate disciplinary action will be taken.


 What about after-school?

  • Students are expected to remain in uniform all day, including after-school activities.

 School Spirit Days

  • In cooperation with the Staff and the Dress Code Committee, Windom students will be allowed to come to school in other clothes for School Spirit days, as well as other pre-planned celebration days.  These will be timed with special events and academic themes.

 Tips, Tricks and Reminders

  • Photographs of Windom students in uniform can be seen in the “Windom School Uniform Guidelines” section of the Windom web-site:
  • Windom has air conditioning during the hotter months.
  • During the winter your female students will be putting on snow pants, which can be a challenge for them when wearing skirts/skorts/jumpers.
  • Parents of boys often are frustrated by holes in the knees.  Many parents have overcome this by purchasing patches and either ironing or sewing them on the inside of knees.
  • During your child’s “physical education” days, the teacher prefers tennis shoes and pants for all students.
  • Significant price reductions on in-store uniforms begin in September/October for most stores, watch for clearance/close-outs for great deals.
  • Many Windom families look for “swapping” opportunities among families.  Feel free to use the Yahoo! PTO Group to post your interest.

 Suggested Locations to Purchase School Uniforms

Families choose a wide variety of ways to uniform their children.  Hand-me downs, used clothing and new are all acceptable.  You will begin to see many retailers selling uniform clothing in August.  You will find most of these retailers have some in-store clothing, but many also offer more complete selections online.  The following is a suggested list of locations where uniforms can be found.


·         Gap

·         JC Penney

·         Kohl’s

·         Old Navy

·         School Uniform Stores:

o    The School Uniform Store, 6603 Queen Avenue South, Richfield, (612) 861-1433

·         Sears

·         Target

·         Wal-Mart



Scholarships and Assistance

The Dress Code Committee will be running yearly clothing drives for families to donate unwanted re-usable clothes.  In addition, a scholarship fund has been set-up for families through the generosity of many Windom families.  A reserve closet will be set-up for students that need to borrow a uniform during the school year.  This reserve may also be used to assist families that may need it in complying with the uniform code.  Please visit with Joshua Lang, School Social Worker or Jenedee Canino, Parent Liaison, if you may need some assistance.


Dress Code Contacts:


·         Staff: Joshua Lang, School Social Worker, (English/Spanish)

o  612 668-3370


·         Staff:  Jim Clark,  Director (English/Spanish), 612-668-3370



·         Staff:  Jenedee Canino, Parent Liaison, (English/Spanish) 612-668-3370