BRAVO is a classical music appreciation program intended to provide opportunities for students in grades 1-5 to enjoy, experience, participate in and be challenged by classical music as a form of creative expression. In addition to helping students develop an enhanced appreciation for music, BRAVO also leads to improvements in listening and critical thinking skills.

Windom is currently following the BRAVO curriculum created by Curriculum Resource Center in Edina, MN. Six different classical pieces/composers are showcased by trained parent volunteers in 30-minute monthly presentations for six months. The curriculum utilizes grade-specific materials for the six different pieces of music which focus on rhythm, dynamics, mood, pattern, form, story and other musical elements. Traditional music vocabulary is incorporated into the lesson with a focus on theme and variation identification as well as composer backgrounds and history. Awareness of orchestral seating and instrumentation is also emphasized.

2008-2009 was the first year of the BRAVO program at Windom and we loved it! This is a fun way for parents to get involved in the classroom. If you have an interest in music, please consider giving some of your time to this program. No prior musical experience is necessary. Training and curriculum are provided and there is plenty of room for individual ideas and creative ways to present lessons.

For more information or to volunteer, please contact:

Deb Soulen at952.345.1955


BRAVO! Music Appreciation
An Ecoscore inspired by composer, Steve Heitzeg, and created by a students.

If you know the difference between The Beatles and Bach, you can teach BRAVO!

What are BRAVO lessons?

The 2013-2014 BRAVO Program consists of six, 30-minute lessons, which include the following composers:
• Grieg, In the Hall of the Mountain King from the Peer Gynt Suite
• Beethoven, First Movement from Symphony No. 5
• Prokofiev, Troika from the Lieutenant Kiji Suite
• Joplin, The Maple Leaf Rag
• Copland, Hoedown from the Rodeo Suite
• Mozart, The Magic Flute
Where and when is the BRAVO training, and what is included?
BRAVO training sessions take place at:
Edina Schmitt Music
2906 66th Street West
Edina, MN 55435
Volunteers attend a 2-hour training session in the fall, which covers the first three lessons, and a second training session in late winter, which covers the last three lessons. The BRAVO program provides each volunteer with a curriculum handbook, CD and DVD. During the training sessions, the BRAVO training leader reviews the lessons in detail, providing loads of ideas that you may choose from to use in your classroom presentations. There is no need to RSVP or register for the training classes.
When and how do I schedule BRAVO lessons with the teacher?
You may schedule your lessons for any day and time that is mutually convenient for you and your teacher. Contact your teacher to tell him/her that you are the Bravo volunteer, and ask what days and times would work for scheduling lessons. Schedule lessons as far in advance as possible. This will ensure that you get the times you want, and make you less likely to fall behind. Tip: Ask the teacher for 30-40 minutes for each lesson, and find out whether (s)he needs you to end promptly. If the teacher is on a tight schedule, be sure to wrap it up at the agreed time.
Please try to schedule your first three lessons before the end of January, and the next three lessons by mid-May. Teachers generally prefer to space the lessons about once a month. If you feel you are falling behind or cannot complete your lessons, please contact the Bravo coordinator as soon as possible.
Partner Volunteers
It is best if either:
• You teach the first three lessons, and your partner teaches the last three lessons (Or the other way around)
• You teach all the lessons together as a team
Classroom teachers and students need to have as much continuity as possible, so teaching every other Bravo lesson is not a good plan. It can also make scheduling difficult for everyone.

How do I prepare for my BRAVO lessons?
After you attend training, look over the curriculum handbook and think about what appeals to you about the lesson. There is a lot of information to choose from, so focus on the things that interest you. 
You are also encouraged to try the Powerpoint presentations, which are provided on the BRAVO DVD. You can arrange the slides in whatever order you want, then talk through the slides for your presentation. Volunteers who try the Powerpoints think that they save a lot of prep time and are fun for the students. If you’re comfortable with technology, the Powerpoints are a great resource. Supplemental BRAVO materials can also be found in the PTO Room.
The curriculum handbook offers suggestions of many activities and projects that you can present along with your lesson. If you have the interest and the teacher makes the time available, by all means include some of these.

Thank you for volunteering and investing in our Windom students.
You are making a difference!